Wednesday, 23 December 2015

It's Christmassss!!

So I know I said I would only be posting one photo per post, but as I am just restarting I wanted to show you some of the Christmas mani's I have painted this year! So this post will have several different mani's and several pictures!

I hand-painted these Christmas trees today, and these are the nails I will have for Christmas day.
I used Barry M 'Matte White' as a base colour, Revlon 'Rainforest' and Sinful Colours 'Kissy' for the Christmas trees and Ciaté 'Chinchilla' to add a bit of shading in the snow around the trees. I also sponged on some unnamed grey holo from Wonderful and Strange Nails, to add a bit of sparkle.

Next I have these adorable little penguins! I love these little guys, they are so cute!
I used Barry M 'Black Multiglitter' for the background, Barry M 'Matte White' for the tummies and eyes and NCLA 'I Only Fly Private' for the feet and beak.

I also painted some Christmas lights on my nails. These were very popular with my colleagues and my mum loved them too, although I wasn't too happy with the black lines.
I used W7 Gel polishes for the white background and the black line. Once these were set I then used Illamasqua 'Aorta' (Red) and 'Rare' (Yellow), Sally Hansen 'Pacific Blue' and 'Kiwi Bikini' (Green), and a small nail art brush to paint on the light bulbs.

Earlier in the month I had another Christmas tree mani. This is much more abstract, a dotticure tree!
I used Revlon 'Rainforest' as the green, Color Club 'Barely There' for the nude and Barry M 'Starlight' for the stars and glitter.

This was my first mani of December, so not too Christmassy! I went with more of a wintery, sweater look. I have no idea what polishes I used for this, it's too long ago to remember, sorry! I do know that the stickers were from last years Ciaté advent calendar.

Finally, I have this Rudolf mani, which I painted for my mum (Hence the awkward hand pose and misshapen nails!!). I used all gel polishes to do this. We mostly have W7 gels, but I know the Red is by OPI.

I'm Back!


I have decided that I have missed blogging over the past 10 months, so I am back! Yayy!

I have still been posting on Instagram, but I have missed having the opportunity to explain my processes and the inspirations behind certain designs.

But there will be a few changes to my blog/posting habits:

  •  I am no longer going to be blogging all over whenever I feel like it!

I have got into a better routine with doing my nails. I no longer have the time to do my nails most days, so instead I am doing them only once a week, making a much better job of every mani and using a gel topcoat to make them last. I tend to do this on a Sunday afternoon, so I intend to post each Monday. This gives me time to edit photos and write the blog posts.

  • I will only be posting 1 picture of each mani.

Editing and adding watermarks takes time. Too much of it! 1 picture per post is manageable. Very occasionally you may get more. For example, if I want to show you a particular detail of the mani, or if I have more than one mani per post. This may happen more with the first few posts as I have a huge backlog of nail art from the past months!

I'll be back later today with my first blog post, then will get into the swing of things on a Monday! xx