Thursday, 31 July 2014

Snakes on a Plane: Nail Fail

This week's prompt for the Llama Nails Challenge was B Movie.
The only B Movie I could think of was Snakes On A Plane! I know, I know, it's a horrendous film! But I couldn't think of any other B Movies!

This mani was as much of a fail as the film is!

My attempt at freehanding snakeskin didn't go too well! It looks more like fish scales!

For the base I used a combination of an unnamed Revlon Nude colour which I think is called Stormy, an unnamed Bronze No.17 polish and Barry M Dusky Mauve. I sponged the three colours on randomly creating a blotchy base. I used Barry M Black for the Accent Nail and Sinful Colors Cool Gray for the plane. I then used Black acrylic paint to paint the detail of the scales.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Yellow Quilting

Today I have done a Yellow mani, for the British Nails Bloggers Colour Me Crazy challenge.

I only own three yellow polishes as it is not a colour I wear very often. Like, at all!! I only really use them in Nail art.

For this mani I used Rimmel Sunny Days and Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sweetie.

I decided to have a go at a quilted mani. I love the look of these but have been putting off trying it as I have a bad relationship with striping tape! Surprisingly, I managed OK with it today and I actually quite like how these turned out!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Black Swan

This weeks Llama Nails Challenge prompt is Thriller Movies/Books.

 I found this prompt really really hard! Thriller's are not my thing, at all!! After trawling through IMDB's top 100 Thriller's I finally found a film I had actually seen at number 80!! Black Swan.

Although it took a while to get there, I actually really like this mani. I tried to show the progression of the transformation from white to black swan. Not sure how well I did that, but I still really like it!

I used quite a few polishes in this mani so I'm just going to list them below:
  • Sinful Colors Cool Gray
  • Barry M Matt White
  • Barry M Black
  • Rimmel Cupcake Pink
  • Rimmel Golden Hour
  • Rimmel Red, Steady, Go.
The feathers on my middle finger are water decals from the Born Pretty Store.

I'm really enjoying this challenge, it always makes me think carefully about what to do and I actually spend a lot of time on the mani's for it, rather than just rushing something!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Les Miserables

Hello! I haven't been able to post for a while as I have just moved and don't have internet until next Thursday! I'm using BT WI-FI at the moment and it is soooo slow and keeps disconnecting. There is only one picture in this post as it literally took an hour to upload!!

So this week the theme for the Llama Nails Challenge was Historical films/books. I decided to base this mani on the film Les Miserables. I'm trying to stick with films I would actually watch to base my mani's on so it was a choice of Les Mis or Titanic! I'm saving Titanic for later in the year, as I will be teaching it at school!

I also found out after doing this mani that it was Bastille Day on Monday, so it was quite an apt time to have this on my nails really!

The polishes I used were:

  • Barry M Matt White
  • Rimmel Red, Steady, Go!
  • Rimmel Golden Hour
  • Rimmel Sunny Days 
  • H&M Unnamed Blue

Monday, 14 July 2014

Capuccino Roses

Yesterday I didn't have much time to do my nails, yet I wanted them to be pretty. I have used some Born Pretty water decals I've had sitting around for a while as a quick and easy solution!

The base colour is Rimmel Coralicious, with an unnamed Nude Revlon colour on my Index fingers, to match with the roses.

I wasn't sure about these decals. I think it's the colour that put me off. But I actually really like this mani!
They were super easy to put on, however as the roses were rounded on the edges I felt very limited as to where I could place them on my nails.

Here they are with slightly different lighting!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Going Dotty!

Today's mani has been done to work for two different challenges!
The Simples prompt for this week is dots within dots, and the British Nail Bloggers Colour Me Crazy Challenge has a Red theme for the week. 
So I have Red dots within dots on my nails! :)

I used Rimmel Red, Steady, Go as the background colour. Then for the dots I used Barry M Black Multiglitter, an unnamed No.17 Polish (Dark metallic silver) and an unnamed Animal Polish (Light metallic silver).

I'm not a huge fan of this look! I like my colour scheme, but the dots within dots thing is just not something I particularly like. Although I can't really say I dislike it either! But it's good to try everything once!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Sinful Colors: Savage

Anyone who follows my Facebook or Instagram will know that a few days ago I bought a new polish... Sinful Colors in the colour Savage which is a turquoise greeny colour.
I love the colour of this in the bottle and was excited to put it on my nails!
This is two coats.

But I got a shock when I put it on to find it was a matt polish. Why would they have no indication of this on bottle?! So strange! I don't own any other matt polishes as I always think if I want it matt, I will use a matt topcoat! I do prefer the colour of the polish in matt though. When I put topcoat on it seemed much greener.

As always, I added some nail art on top of this. I really wanted to try a tribal/aztec type design as I thought the colour lent itself to this, but at the same time I really didn't as my only ever previous attempt at this type of art was horrendously bad! If you REALLY want to you can see it here. But I'd really rather you didn't!!
So I decided to have a go but to try and keep it fairly simple and this is how it turned out! I used white acrylic paint for the pattern.

I actually quite like it. My lines are fairly straight and its not too busy! My right hand is not appearing today as I discovered I can't paint straight lines left handed! Although, I still think it's better than the previous attempt!!
I did try to add some glitter  to the stripes on one nail using Pretty Scatter effect polish, which I wish I hadn't done but apart from that I am pleased with it!

A little girl at the school I work at today told me my thumb and little finger looked like they had Christmas tree's on them!! I can see where she was coming from but no, they are not christmas trees!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Llama Nails: Comedy

Today the new Llama Nails Challenge starts. This time round it is based on Movies and Books, with a different genre each week. The Facebook group for this challenge is HERE, if anyone wants to join!

This first week the genre is Comedy, so I have based my mani on one of my favourite RomCom's - 27 Dresses! I have created a skittle where each nail is based on a different dress from the film!
I am well aware that my idea for this mani is much better than its implementation, but I don't care, I still love it!! Here are shots of my Right and Left hands:

Now I'm going to show you each nail individually, with the dress alongside it, so you can see where the inspiration came from! I will also list the polishes with each picture.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Sweetie and Sally Hansen Fucshia Flare.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Sweetie, Missguided Missmatch and Rimmel Golden Hour.

Barry M Silk Heather, Barry M White, Sally Hansen Grape Race and Missguided Missmatch.

Sally Hansen Fucshia Flare and Missguided Missmatch with Gold Sequins from Barry M Sequin Effects Black.

Sinful Colours Cool Gray, Sally Hansen Red Hot and Rimmel Urban Purple.

Barry M Matt White, Barry M Black and Sinful Colours Cool Gray.

Barry M Matt White, H&M Blue, Barry M Black and Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream.

This is my least favourite of the lot! Rimmel Golden Hour, Barry M Papaya, Rimmel Coralicious.

Barry M Matt White, Sally Hansen Fuschia Flare, Barry M Black.

Sally Hansen Grape Race, H&M Blue, No.17 Mettalic Grey and Barry M Black.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Chinese Lilac Flower

A few days ago I did a mani for a challenge post, which has yet to be posted...
When I was taking it off, I loved my middle finger so much that I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it, so instead I incorporated it into a new mani, which is this one:

When I first painted this nail my boyfriend didn't believe I had painted it myself! He was convinced it was a decal and refused to believe me for ages!!

For my middle finger I used a base colour of Barry M Silk in Heather. I then painted the flowers using Barry M Matt White, Sally Hansen Grape Race, Missguided Missmatch and Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini for the leaves.
On the rest of the fingers I sponged a purple-white gradient using Sally Hansen Grape Race, Barry M Silk Heather and Barry M Matt White.

I really really liked this mani and would quite happily have kept it on much longer than I did!!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

MUA Luxe: Luna

Today I bought the new MUA Luxe polish in Luna. My previous experiences with MUA have not been great, but I couldn't resist buying one to try as they looked so pretty!!

This is a glitter polish with hexagonal pieces in blue, white and lilac, glitter bars in black and white and very tiny, fine blue holographic glitter pieces.

This was the finished result. I swatched it on several different colours, to compare how it looked best and to ensure all the colour were visible on at least one of them!!

However, although the finished result was good, this is how it looked after one coat:

Not great. I applied a thin layer, but the glitter seems to stick to the brush. I found that the best way to apply was to not wipe the brush on the side of the bottle, just use it straight out. This meant that the polish was extremely thick and took an awful long time to dry. But, this is also the way to get the glitter!!

I do like the finished look of this polish but it has certainly not changed my thoughts about the quality (or lack of!) of MUA polishes.

I also took close-up photo's of the individual nails to make it easier to compare how it shows up on different coloured bases. It stands out the most on the grey and pale blue nails. The base polishes I used were: No Polish, just base coat, Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, Barry M Silk Heather, Sinful Colours Cool Grey and Barry M Matt White.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Gradient Tutorial

I created this amazing gradient a few days ago. After posting on Instagram there was a lot of interest and questions from friends, so here I have created a tutorial for everyone to have a go!! :)

First, I would recommend gathering together everything you will need.

  • At least 2 different coloured polishes
  • Base coat
  • Top coat, 
  • Nail polish remover/acetone (I use both, but one or the other will do!)
  • A sponge
  • Scissors (you may not need these depending whether you would rather use the sponge whole)
  • Clean up brush.

I am using Neon colours so the polishes I need are Barry M Matt White, Sinful Colours Cream Pink and W7 Fluorescent Yellow.

I started with a base coat. I use Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition, followed by a white layer of Barry M, as I am using neon colours and the white base helps make sure the colours stand out.

Once the white was dry I got my sponge. Some people say make up sponges are the best, but I just use a regular washing up sponge and have never had any problems! I find it easier to work with a smaller piece for better precision, so I cut a chunk off the sponge.

Now I would recommend opening all the polishes you want to use for your gradient, so you can easily get at them.

Hold the sponge, then using the other hand paint a small line of your first colour. Directly below this, paint a line of your second colour.

Now, the messy part! Sponge the paint onto the nail. Make sure you dab the sponge up and down a bit, so the colours blend in the middle and don't forget about the sides of your nails! It will end up all over your fingers, but don't worry about that!!
You can probably do 2 or 3 nails before you need to put more polish on the sponge, depending how fast you work. If it is starting to get tacky, or not transferring well, just put fresh polish lines on the sponge!

Now, depending how bright you want the colours, once the first layer is dry you can dab more polish on. In this picture you can see the colour difference between one layer and two layers.

That's the main part done, hopefully you're gradient should look something like this:

Now for the clean up. I use another piece of sponge and some Nail Polish Remover to clean the worst off my fingers.. It would take forever to clean all that with a clean-up brush.

Then I use some acetone and a clean-up brush to make sure my cuticles are all clean and tidy!
Follow with a layer of topcoat and you're done! I use Barry M 3 in 1 topcoat.

Ta Da!! Happy Gradient-ing!!

You can create lots of different effects with this technique, just by using different colours.
Here are a few other gradient manicures I have done: