Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nails of the Month: June

OK, so I had an idea that each month I will do a 'Nails of the Month' post.
In these posts I will share my favourite mani from the past month and also the most popular mani's on the blog and my Facebook page.
It always amaze's me how the most popular posts are often the one's I actually really don't like!!

So I'm going to start with the most popular mani on the blog this month.
This was my Lace Saran mani:

Although I was quite proud of the freehand painting on this mani, I personally don't love it!!

The Facebook favourite was really close, so I'm going to show you both!!
First is my Leopard Print Mani:

Very closely followed by my Roses and Dots:
These nails were a huge hit with all my friends and I got so many comments on them! I even had a guy at Uni telling me 'I'm not gay, but I really love your nails!!'. They were also an Instagram favourite, although I don't post all my mani's to Instagram. 
I wasn't completely happy with them. There is some pretty bad smudging, although I do love the design.

My personal favourite of the month is a very simple but effective mani! The Neon Dotticure!
I love this so much, it just all goes together really well! It is very rare I do my nails and can't think of anything I want to change about it!

So that's the round up for this month! I hope people like me doing this! I think it's nice to have all the favourites together for comparison!

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