Monday, 1 September 2014

Nails of the Month: August

This has been a very busy month for me, so I have not actually posted that many mani's. Although, I have quite a backlog of mani's I have painted but never posted which will be coming up in September!

My most popular post on the blog this month was my Rocky Horror nail art. Although I like this mani, as it is based on one of my favourite films, I'm not a huge fan of the actual design of the mani, it's just not my style!!

On my Facebook page it was this cute Kitsch floral design I painted on my Mum's nails. I love this design!

My most popular Instagram post is actually of a mani I haven't posted on here yet! It will be coming up probably tomorrow so I'm going to keep you waiting for pictures of that one!! Or follow me on Instagram for a sneak peek! @nailsmustbepainted

My personal favourite post this month has been my 50 First Dates nail art.

I really like how although it is a skittle mani, the nails all go together fairly well and each nail represents something different from the film.

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