Sunday, 4 January 2015

31DC: Happiness

Today's prompt is happiness.
However cheesy it is, spending time with my Mr. makes me happy, so I wanted to do a romance inspired mani.

I recycled the base from yesterdays water-spotting mani, stamping flowers over the top (from MoYou Mother Nature plate 01) in Sally Hansen Atomic Alloy, to create a tree-like backdrop. I then used another image from the same plate to stamp the figures with a Black Born Pretty Store stamping polish and freehand painted the word 'love' onto my index finger. 

I love how this mani turned out. Definitely my favourite of 2015 so far!!


  1. This reminds me of the silhouette group from Britain's Got Talent :)

    1. Sorry, no idea who they are but i'll just take the compliment and say thankyou!! :P

  2. Not cheesy at all! It's so sweet. I'd love spending time with my mister if he could tear himself away from the video games long enough lol. No, but seriously this is so sweet I love it.