Friday, 11 April 2014

Feather Effect Pretty Polish

A few weeks ago I reviewed this glitter 'pretty' polish from Poundland. I was surprisingly impressed with the results and wanted to try more of their polishes.

So I bought two more:

  • The first is a purple feather effect polish, with long pieces of purple, white and silver glitter.
  • The second is a scatter effect polish. A white base with blue, pink and red pieces of glitter in.
First, I tried the feather effect polish. I used a Barry M Matt White base coat on the thumb, middle and little fingers. On the ring and index fingers I used Sally Hansen Grape Race. I then painted the feather effect onto just two of my nails. 

The first picture is the most true to colour. This mani was incredibly hard to photograph to get the full effect of the polish. Again, I was impressed with this polish, considering what it costs. It was easy to apply, with a nice even spread of the feather pieces. The different coloured pieces within it created a pretty effect, which seemed less flat, as they were not all the same. I used two coats to get a nice, thick coverage of the feathers, but I think this would look even better with more coats. The only downside of this polish was drying time. It took an awfully long time to dry compared with most polishes. Even once it was touch dry, it was still extremely easy to smudge for a long time afterwards. I ended up making a complete mess of my left hand!
Overall, I am again impressed with the 'pretty' polishes and will definitely consider buying more.


  1. I own that scatter effect Pretty polish too! It's quite pretty but it is really stinky.

    1. Yea, they do smell bad! I have so many problems with the scatter effect, it never seems to dry :( Love the other Pretty polishes I have though.

    2. I've never got it to dry fully if I use more than one coat either. It's a pain.