Thursday, 10 April 2014

Kenya Nails

I'm back from Kenya, which was the most amazing experience, and hopefully soon back to doing my nails. It's safe to say the heat and dirt, along with chlorine from the pool, climbing up waterfalls and other activities has well and truly ruined my nails!
Had to chop them all short to get rid of the chips and peeling and put lots of Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition on them, hopefully this will sort them out!

Over the next few weeks I plan to do a series of Mani's based around Kenya, some of the experiences I had and the photos I have taken.
These are some of the ideas I already have for these:

  • Waterfall nails based on Thomson Falls, a waterfall I climbed down.
  • Safari inspired nails.
  • Giraffe print nails, inspired by the giraffe sanctuary I visited.
  • Nails inspired by some of the beautiful scenery I saw.
  • Gecko nails, to pay tribute to the Gecko we shared our hotel room with!
  • Plaited hair inspired nails - Because of the hair of all the little girls I was teaching, and they tried to do my hair similar!
  • Handpainted flower nails. I did an art lesson with the children, where they were asked to paint flowers.
I have not planned specific times to do each of these mani's but I think I will try to do at least one a week, so I still have chance to do other things with my nails too! If anybody would like to join in with any of these ideas, feel free and if you do I would love to see your mani's, so leave a comment and let me know!

Isn't it beautiful!

This is me with some of the girls I was teaching: Alice, Susan and Falilia.

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