Friday, 8 August 2014

50 First Dates

Hello! This week the Llama Nails Prompt is Romance Movies/Books.
I have based my mani on the film 50 First Dates and created a skittle, with each nail representing a different part of the film. This was one of my favourite films for a while!

I will explain the meaning behind each nail!
Thumb: Represents the sea, as the film is set on the island of Hawaii.
Index: This is the flower which is on the side of Lucy's car in the film.
Middle: Pineapples, as Lucy and her father pick a Pineapple every year on his birthday.
Ring: Newspaper, to represent the paper the family have reprinted each day for Lucy.
Pinky: Pink, the colour of the T-Shirt Lucy wears each day and her father has to wash each day!

Now for the polishes used:

  • Sinful Colors Kissy (Thumb)
  • Rimmel Sunny Days (Pineapples)
  • Sally Hansen Fuchsia Flare (Pinky)
  • Unbranded French White Polish (Middle and Ring base)

    The rest of the details were painted with Acrylics
I really like this mani. Although it is a skittle, the colours and themes seem to fit together really well.

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