Monday, 1 December 2014

12 Days of Christmas: Snowflakes

This month I am planning on taking part in Challenge Your Nail Art's '12 days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge'. I have never managed to complete a challenge where I have to post more than once a week, so we'll see how it goes!!

The first prompt is 'Snowflakes':

I love how these turned out! The two different blues really make me think of day and night.

I used L'Oreal Million Sapphire on my index and middle fingers and Make Up Gallery Sky Blue on my ring finger, pinky and thumb. 
That L'Oreal glitter is so perfect! Full, even coverage of glittery goodness in just two coats. Bad side, it peeled off in the shower. As a whole piece. Strange!
I then used acrylic paint and a tiny paintbrush to paint the snowflakes and finished off with my usual Essence Quick Dry topcoat.

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  1. Great job free handing the snowflakes.

  2. Love the two different blues - that L'Oreal one is gorgeous!

    1. Thankyou! Isn't it just beautiful! Bargain as well for £1! :)

  3. Such a pretty look. I love the night/day differential!