Monday, 3 February 2014

Magnetic Nails

Today I thought I'd try my new Sally Hansen magnetic polish in Cosmic Blue.

I've never used a magnetic polish before and when I was putting it on I was very disappointed to see that rather than 'Cosmic Blue', it was a boring grey colour. However, I carried on and when I put the magnet over my nails I was pleased to see they turned a lovely deep blue. All the grey moved into lines and they had quite a cool 3D effect. This was really hard to photograph well but here are a few that show the effect (Typically, the best photo to show the effect and colour is slightly blurred!).

I'm not sure about this look. It's really good considering how quick and easy it is to do, so perfect if you're in a rush but want something a bit more than just a plain colour. But I find it a bit boring compared to my usual nail art and am not sure how much use I will get from this. Maybe I just need to find a more interestingly patterned magnet!
Or it could look quite cool with some nail art over maybe. That might be something to try!

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