Sunday, 2 February 2014

Roses and dots

These are my nails at the moment...

A bit of freehand nail art.
I think I prefer how they were before I added the dots. More simple and chic. But once those dots were there it was too late! Maybe I'll try these again sometime, without the dots.

 The polishes I used were, Barry M Blueberry for the base colour, Sally Hansen Pinch of Punch (Pink) and Red Hot (Red) for the roses and Barry M Matte White for the details of the roses and the dots.

And here are a few more pictures...
(Excuse the bad light! Some of the pictures were taken when I painted them, when the light was good, others were taken just now. These are not so good 1. because its getting dark out so there is no natural light 2. my nails have been like this 6 days now and are starting to chip and wear at the edges!)

These have got to be one of my all time favourite nail designs! So pretty!

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