Friday, 13 June 2014

Father's Day Nails

For Father's Day I have painted my nails based on a passion of my Dad's!
His Classic Car, a Morris Minor 1000. This was very tricky!!

I used Barry M Matt White as a base colour. I then used a black Berol to carefully draw on the front half of a Morris Minor. I based this on the picture below, which can also be found here. This was very difficult and I have to admit, this was my second attempt!! The first was not so successful, although I am reasonable happy with these. 
I painted my Index finger with Barry M Black, to represent the oil this car leaks really badly and which my Dad ends up covered in whenever he work's on the car!!
I then used a Barry M Blue Crackle polish on my other fingers and also on the background of my ring finger, to make the car stand out more. His car is white/cream, so I left the car itself as it is.
I finished with a Primark Matt Topcoat on all except the black finger. As this finger represents oil, I thought it should be left shiny!

I did this mani to enter into the Nailpolis Father's Day Contest, which can be found here.

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