Thursday, 19 June 2014

Red Roses and Dots

Here is my latest mani! I love it so much! Had so many lovely comments on these nails over the past few days. I had to use falsies for this though. :(  Two of my nails snapped whilst cleaning, so I had to cut them all short.

I used Barry M Matt White, Rimmel Red, Steady, Go! and Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini for this.
I was so pleased with this mani that you even get a rare shot of both hands!! I think I may even prefer the Right hand. Although the dots aren't as even, I think the roses turned out better!
I was a little impatient with my topcoat on these so there is a little bit of smudging, especially on my thumb!

The sun is making me lazy with blogging these past few days. I've had my nails like this since Monday, but only just got around to posting them! Woops!

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