Sunday, 2 March 2014

Born Pretty Haul

A few weeks ago I first came across the Born Pretty store. I had heard of this before but never actually though to look at it. Boy, have I been missing out!!
I could not believe how cheap you can get things on there, so I went a little crazy!!

I absolutely love my MoYou stamping plates and have been thinking of getting some more for a while, but I can't afford to spend £5 on one plate at the moment. So I was amazed to see that I could get plates for approx £1!! I got a little over excited and bought 6! Hopefully they will be as good as MoYou's.

I also invested in some water decals. I have never used these before but they looked so pretty, I couldn't resist buying some, so I got 3 packs of them. Two sets of flowery ones and a set of feathers. Hopefully they will be easy to use and last well, but we'll see!

I haven't had chance to use any of these yet as they just arrived, but I'm sure they will be featuring again on my blog soon! The only downfall of this website is the time things take to come. It took exactly 4 weeks between ordering and arriving. Not that you can complain when delivery is free, but I was starting to worry they would not arrive! I will definitely be ordering from here again though, probably soon!!

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