Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bows and Lace - Very late Tri Polish Tuesday!

This design was done earlier this week for the Tri Polish Tuesday Challenge, I'm just a little late posting! This months colours are Blue, Purple and Green, so this week I'm just using Purple and Blue.

After my delivery last week I was desperate to try my new stamping plates. So I did a base of Barry M Silk in Heather and decided to stamp some cute lace designs over it.
I do quite a lot of stamping with my MoYou plates, and usually they work pretty well, I like to think I'm not bad at stamping! But this was so difficult! I tried a few of the different lace designs and the stamper really didn't pick the patterns up very well off the plates. I'm not sure if it was the plates or the polish (Maybelline Dark Denim) I was trying to use but it just wasn't working. :(
So I decided on a bow across my nails instead, which was a much simpler design. This was a little easier and did work to an extent. It just didn't seem up to the same quality, they were a bit hit and miss, some bows came out really well whilst others were patchy and had bits missing.

I know I should have expected this when they were so cheap but I didn't think they would be this bad. I'm going to have another go at some point with a different polish which I know usually works well for stamping but I don't have too high hopes any more. I'm also hoping some of the other stamps are a bit better.
Hopefully the water decals will be more successful too!!


  1. Hey Emily! I saw on a comment somewhere that you haven't had mang views- I hope this has changed since! I started out in January and it took a long time for my views to pick up, bear with it though :D it might help to join a 'challenge' group where there are inlinks. This way your work is on other people's pages and then their viewers can visit your blog too :D this has really worked for me :) my blog is if you wanna have a look at the polish party info :) I also have some tips for water decals if you cant get along with them! :P sorry for the enormous comment!! Good luck :)

    1. Aww, thankyou very much!
      The views are slowly going up :) I started doing tri-polish tuesday challenges and posting them on facebook which has definitely helped, not sure about the whole inlinks thing though, still need to figure that one out!! I will definitely come check your blog out! :) x