Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Galaxy Nails: Tri Polish Tuesday

This week for Tri Polish Tuesday I tried something I've wanted to try for a while but never gotten around to... Galaxy nails! And I remembered to post it on the Tuesday!!!
After looking at a few galaxy mani's online I thought Blue, Green and Purple were the perfect colours to use for galaxy nails so I found a sponge and went for it!

I used Barry M Black Multi glitter as the background colour, then blended Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini, an unnamed purple shimmer Animal Polish and an unnamed electric blue H&M polish.  I then used a BornPretty stamping plate to stamp stars onto my nails using another unnamed Animal polish in silver. Finally, I used a Kiss glitter polish as a topcoat to add a bit more sparkle.

I love this mani and it was so easy to do! Even better, its completely impossible to reproduce exactly the same!

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