Sunday, 16 March 2014

St Patricks Day Nails

Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day (and my birthday!), so I thought some appropriately themed nails were in order!! I also wanted to use these as my Tri-Polish Tuesday Nails. I know its only Sunday, but I rarely have time to do them on a Tuesday, so I've tried to stick with Purple and Green, two of the colours for the challenge this month.

The top picture is the closest to the real colours, the next two are without flash and the one right above this is with flash. The green I used is Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini and the purple is Barry M Silk in Heather. I then used Kiwi Bikini again to freehand a clover onto the purple nail.
 I also had another fight with one of my new, disappointing BornPrettyStore stamping plates! This time I tried to stamp a rainbow. I tried with a white and a black Barry M polish but neither of these would work with the plates, even though they both work fine with my MoYou plates. So I ended up using a No.17 dark silver, as this was the only colour that worked. It doesn't show up very well on this coloured nail though, so below I have included a close-up for you!

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