Saturday, 3 May 2014


I love nail art on my real nails and don't think I have ever worn false nails before.
But for Christmas last year I was given a set of imPRESS nails, which look like this except mine are a different pattern.
They have been sat around in my nail box for a while as
1. I just don't do false nails and
2. They were 'short' sized and generally my nails have been longer than them!
Also, I just expected them to be bad so I didn't want to wear them!

When I got back from Kenya, I cut all my nails right down, as they were very dirty!
So I've taken the opportunity whilst my nails are short to put them on.

I was really surprised with how good they are! The idea is that they are already sticky, so you don't need glue. This meant they literally took 2 minutes to put on, with no drying time. Although, I had a slight issue pulling the sticky back off once I had the first few nails on, I had to get my bf to do that for me!
You get 24 nails in a pack, so there are plenty to choose from to find the perfect sizes.

I expected them to only last a day or two, as I'm always busy and always using my hands. So far I have had them on for 5 days and there's no signs of them coming off anytime soon or any damage to them, they are still as there were when I put them on!

My biggest issue is that I'm having nail polish withdrawals!!! I feel like I need to paint my nails, but don't want to pull these off when they're still in such good condition! I'm just hoping that when they do come off they cause no harm to my own nails.

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