Wednesday, 28 May 2014

OPI: Next Stop... The Bikini Zone

Today I have swatched another of the OPI Brazil Copaca Babies Collection.

This time I have used Next Stop... The Bikini Zone. This was incredibly hard to photograph, so apologies for the pictures, they are not the best! The first is in natural light, the second in my light box.
This is a lovely, shimmery, duo-chrome polish which changes between silver and purple, depending on the light.

My biggest issue with this polish is that it took 4 coats to get to this opacity. And I'm still not completely happy with it, but I got bored!! I think it is probably one I am more likely to use as a topcoat, to add a bit of a shimmer to another colour.

When this first arrived I thought it looked very similar to a Barry M polish I already had called Dusky Mauve. However, putting them side by side I can see that the OPI is much more silvery.

On the nails there is a clear difference! The OPI is much lighter and has more of a shimmer to it, whereas the Barry M is a thicker consistency (this was only 1 coat), which is more of a brown colour with only a slight hint of purple in comparison.

I have had the Barry M several years, and can't say it's had much use, so hopefully I will use the OPI a little more often! It is definitely a prettier colour, but the thinness will put me off using it, as I tend to go for thicker, 1 or 2 coat polishes which don't take long to apply!

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