Thursday, 29 May 2014

Magazine Nails

This week the challenge prompt on Llama Nails is 'Newspaper Nails'.
I don't read Newspaper's, so I wasn't going to go buy one just for my nails! Instead, I improvised and used a magazine. You could use any kind of image/text on paper to do this really.

I love these nails! They are so unique and different! 
The polishes I used were; an old limited edition Barry M pink which I don't know the name of; Maybelline, Dark Denim; Barry M Matte White.

I'm so glad I discovered how to do this, so now I'm going to share the method with you. 
Yay, my first tutorial! 

All I used for this was:
  • Magazine
  • Scissors
  • Cotton Wool
  • Water
  • Nail Polish

1. First I painted my nails! Lighter colours such as white will work best for this. Wait for it to dry before moving on.
2. Now, find the pattern/type you want to use and cut a square around it.
3. Place the piece of magazine over your nail.
4. Grab some cotton wool, dip it in water and press onto the paper. Make sure the paper is nice and wet and you press on it. I didn't time how long I pressed for, but I'd say at least 30 seconds. The longer and harder you press, the better the image will transfer.
5. Now peel the paper off your nail. Some paper will be left behind. Don't worry about that, we'll sort it out in the next step.
6. Once your nail has dried, dip a finger into the water and very gently rub on the nails you have used magazine on. This will remove any leftover paper. Don't rub too hard though, or your pattern will start to rub off, as mine did on my middle finger! Finish with a clear topcoat to stop the prettiness washing away!!
And now you have beautiful, unique magazine nails! :)

I hope I have explained this clearly enough! 

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