Thursday, 8 May 2014

Light Box

Tonight I'm very excited to say I have made a light box, so I can (hopefully) take better photo's of my pretty nails! :)

I spent ages looking at various tutorials on the internet but felt disheartened. I needed white fabric or tissue paper, I needed a 16x16x16 box. Blah, blah! I wanted to make my light box now... so I went for a rummage around the flat.

I found myself a box full of teabags. Out came the teabag's and I had my box! Now to find something to cover it in... I don't have tissue paper, I don't have white fabric scraps. But I found a solution in napkins, yay! (I have a very large bag of napkins as my hamster enjoys using them to make his nest!). Luckily I have a Stanley Knife, as a result of working in print finishing in the past so I dug that out, found a roll of sellotape and I was ready to go! Zero cost, whatsoever! :)

And here it is:

I know it doesn't look great, but I don't care! I only ever get chance to do and photograph my nails on an evening so my photo's are never very good because of the poor light. Hopefully, things will change now!

I have just taken my nail polish off so haven't had chance to test it out yet but as soon as I do I'll post some photo's. I was so excited about this I had to tell people straight away!!


  1. I wish I'd thought of that. It was actually a mission to find a 16*16*16 box and when I did find one I was amazed at how much they cost! x

    1. Mine is definitely not 16x16x16, I decided that as long as it was big enough to fit my hand inside and when I took a picture it didn't have the edges of the box in, it'd do!!